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When it comes to special events, your true philanthropic moments are limited...

Special Appeal, Paddle Raiser, Fund A Need, Raise the Paddle, Cash Call, Fund The Mission, Call To Action, Paddle Auction, Fund the Fight… Whatever YOU call it

You need an EXPERT…

We are the EXPERTS in Special Appeals and it is our PASSION to provide inspired service to maximize fundraising and donor experience with focus on special appeals to increase your year round fundraising


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Inspire Hearts Fundraising

With the changing culture of special event fundraising, you know time ROI is valuable: your organization, your donors and your event, every minute counts…

Don’t waste valuable philanthropic moments.

It is our focus and mission to help you maximize every one of those moments to aid in year round fundraising success.

Is it time to make a change?

Mission statement:
Inspiring hearts to change the world

What we do:
Inspire Hearts Fundraising’s unique service is focused on transforming your special event fundraising by evolving your special appeal/paddle raise through signature consultation and utilizing top level fundraising ambassadors to activate your audience, elevate your donors experience and maximize your ROI and donations raised day of and year round.

Our Team

Meet the heart and soul of Inspire Hearts Fundraising

Erin Ward

Erin Ward


“you must be part of the organization” is Erin’s favorite complement she receives at events. Priding herself in becoming immersed in the mission of the organization is her focus when creating a moment of giving. Erin has worked in many areas of fundraising and has made it her life's mission to study and explore the most effective means of fundraising possible. She has over 15 years of fundraising success, helping hundreds of nonprofits raise over $100 million. Her focus is on creating exceptional donor experiences. Erin has a background in Nonprofits. She has encountered and understands many problems that arise and has found solutions to create events that leave donors happy and bank accounts full. Clients feel a sense of calm as they prepare for events with her. Using her extensive education in this area she works in advance to prepare them for ultimate success and creating more engaged happy donors. Knowing the pressures that weigh on this roll, she takes it very serious and still fun. Erin has worked with tons of celebrities and dignitaries and helps them shine at the event as well and encourage guests to be part of the night not just watch it. Erin is a mission ambassador, professional public speaker, fundraising auctioneer, event consultant, development consultant and nonprofit trainer. Currently serving as the President of the NYC Auctioneers Association and the 2018 NY State Auction Champion. As an educated, well cultured and traveled individual with an amazing life story, her empathy and passion allows her to tell amazing stories and inspire hearts to give.

Bobby D. Ehlert

Bobby D. Ehlert


"eloquent, innovative, entertaining and passionate..." are words often used to describe Bobby D. His passion for a greater world has led him to a career in being a leader of change. He entered the nonprofit world through stage work as a world champion auctioneer. He realized his passion and skill had a greater purpose. From the stage he works to make everyone in a room feel excited to participate in change. Encouraging donations to flow by driving the mission moments. He works with, challenges and cures the problems of donor support. Each organization feels his great passion as he advocates for their specific cause. He has years of experience public speaking and rasing millions of dollars of support for nonprofits nationwide. His greatest skill comes from all the education and expedrience he has to work not just at an event but in depth consulting before an event. Driving huge changes to cultivate support before he even takes the stage. Working together with organizations and boards to exceed their fundraising goals. Bobby D. speaks at and teaches many expert seminars to other industry people to show them how effective their special appeals can be in changing the world. Bobby D. creates the perfect mission moment. He works with organizations to find their heart and convey it to their guests. His greatest moment is when he knows that because of their work together he inspired a guest into a life time supporter of the organization. Opening their eyes, wallets and hearts to forever be the change. These goosebump moments are his favorite.


Blog / Video's

Watch this space for the latest private fundraising event news and videos.

Live Virtual Gala Demo with event.gives

Erin and Bobby D. had a ton of fun demoing the event.gives fundraising and streaming technology helping nonprofits across the nation with their Virtual Fundraising Gala. The keys to this amazing technology are: Immediate Engagement Advanced Interaction All in one screen platform Of course…Fun! If you have any questions or would like to schedule your […]

Virtual Event Demo

event.gives Event of the Future Demo

The Future is here! Join us and be a part of a LIVE demonstration of the event.gives Fundraising Event Platform! Bobby D. will be the lead Fundraiser utilizing this one screen technology. Bid, Give and Win all in one button on one screen! December 16th, 2021 at 2pm EST FREE to register and interact! Silent […]

Cerini Nonprofit Connection Webinar

Join us as we chat with Ken Cerini of Cerini & Associates on their Cerini Nonprofit Connections Show as we talk about Planning and Producing a Virtual Fundraising Event. Register here to participate and watch:

Million Dollar Virtual Gala’s Case Study

Can you raise a million or more in a virtual gala setting?   Yes you can! Here are 3 examples of proof that you can raise six and seven figures via Virtual Event Fundraising $955,000 (Ok, pretty close) This Gala was a pre-recorded gala that used Auction Harmony as it’s giving platform.  This event utilized […]

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